Reboot Minis: Rocks Off!

Status: binary released at European Jaguar Festival 2013


C O D E : C Y R A N O _ J O N E S

M U S I C : 5 o 5

G F X : S H 3

WTF is this scheisse?!

Well it's a minigame so impossibly fantastic that we couldn't even be bothered to give it its own logo or any kind of practical game interface - that tells a story! In fact we're not even sure why we made it, but one rainy day, CJ spent an hour of his time and this is what we ended up with. The gameplay is pedestrian. The gfx are some kind of bastardisation of old, unused Rebooteroids sprites. The only good thing the game has going for it is 505's tidy little tune that fits perfectly with something A little more cerebral and somewhat less blasty than the usual Reboot effort. This game took so little time or effort to create that we almost feel bad for putting it out, but it exists and as such is now set free into the cruel, harsh world - afterall, it's the European Atari Jaguar Festival, the 20th birthday of the Jaguar... what better way to celebrate?! Probably the most difficult aspect in creating this game was typing in all the level designs, and we think this probably tells you all you need to know. Buyer beware. :D

So what is it exactly?

Were you around in the 1970s? Were you lucky enough to own a Merlin hand-held electronic game? How about Lights Out if you're a little older? Oh dear, we can see a few of you are already going a little pale and looking for the nearest exit... yes, it's that "classic" puzzle game, switch off all the lights and then do it again, and again, and...

Feel yet more of the ossum 64-bit powa of the amazing EORsperience!!!11one