MAY 16 2015Posted by sh3-rg

Fancy something a little bit Wild and very much Realtime?

Outline party has been happening for the past few days and today is the night of releases. So here's a little entry made in raptor BASIC plus and submitted to the realtime wild compo. It's a "demo" made in "BASIC" for you to "watch" with your "eyes".

Download Cloudy With A Chance Of Metaballs

It's a 4mb ROM and requires a 60Hz display. Offer it to your favourite emulator if you dare, but best results should be found flashing to your skunkboard.

MARCH 08 2015Posted by sh3-rg


So much to talk about, so little time in which to do so...

CJ has, again, been busy with the ST games. Pretty amazing things are about to appear one day soon. Maybe. He's hoarding!

GGN has worked tirelessly on raptor BASIC plus. rB+ is currently way more stable and powerful than it was on relase day just a few months ago. He's working hard to remove any unfriendliness and provide a comfortable and stable environment for BASIC programmers by streamlining asset management and conversion and adding such amazing new features as automatic ROM building and executable packing.

I've been doing all I can this week to help make rB+ a much less frightening prospect for the novice programmer. For a start, there's the new rB+ website containing all kinds of resources and help including tutorials and examples. Links to this will be welded into this site at some point, but for now it exists as a bolted-on minisite sitting in the grounds.

A sample game project slightly larger than the existing ones, fully commented and discussed in detail, comprises the first tutorial. New features, tutorials and example projects will be added fairly regularly. Download links ensure you'll always have the very latest version available.

FEBRUARY 13 2015Posted by sh3-rg


CJ has been busy with non-Reboot stuff recently. Not all bad news, as it's actually all Jaguar-related! If you take a look at the D-Bug (spit! evil! spit! pirates!) site, there's a list totalling so far - wait for it - 22(!) ST games he has in various states of completeness, running on the Jaguar. So CJ keeps on pushing that button and doing what he did for Falcon users for so long - bringing them the games!

More news on the same day? Dafuq? That sly dog Shamus397 didn't think it was all that important to go telling anyone that Egde Online spoke to him about Doom, VJ and all sorts of other Jagwaaar things. Well that's not how we do things around here - go check out Edge Online's Life After Death article, booooh!

FEBRUARY 03 2015Posted by sh3-rg


10 months since last update on the news page... you might think we've been sat on our arses doing nothing - think again. CJ has been bringing the wonders of the ST to Jaguar - most importantly Llamatron with permission to make an official release of this amazing game. Massive news. Shamus joined Reboot - welcome, Shamoo! CJ is involved in bringing another old classic game to Jaguar, but NDA prevents any chatter. News in due course. Oh yeah, something called Raptor was released and someone already made their first game with it (respect DerLuchs). What else... Raptor BASIC was released!! Hell yes! But that's not all... my personal favourite: Raptor BASIC plus was released (and it's an absolute ton of fun!). Loads more happened, rest assured, as always, it's only the beginning... AtariAge is, as ever, the place to be when you want to see.

APRIL 03 2014Posted by sh3-rg


Wishing our good friend and fellow Reboot and Reservoir Gods member NEO_RG a speedy recovery. Keep pushing those buttons and stay strong, Matt!

MARCH 28, 2014Posted by REBOOT


downfall+ orders have all been filled and the games have started to arrive at the homes of their new owners (yay!). To celebrate, we're opening up the high score tables. Your best games are saved to cart, but why not share them with the rest of the downfall+ owners?

MARCH 14, 2014Posted by REBOOT


downfall+ orders are closed for now as we were approching a number too close to our current capacity. Assembly of these is almost complete to meet demand for the orders we have, the excellent UK weather and an ill son are slowing the process down quite a bit, but progress is being made - thank you for your patience!

Other news: for those who are affraid of git, rmac & rln binaries have been updated on the site. rmac in particular is really taking shape, big respect to shamus, linko and anyone else who had their fingers in there!

MARCH 02, 2014Posted by REBOOT


itshappening.gif ... itshappening.gif ...

Visit AtariAge where you can find out (almost!) everything you need to know about our first ever full-scale cartridge release for Atari Jaguar!


FEBRUARY 28, 2014Posted by REBOOT


There's a new cartridge release on the horizon...

Want to be first with the info? Keep an eye on the Reboot facebook page, linky in top menu.

NOVEMBER 24, 2013Posted by REBOOT


The European Atari Jaguar Festival 2013 came and went, and unfortunately Reboot couldn't manage to make ready our new 4-game CD release or our new cartridge game release (boo!)

Luckily, we had some binaries on hand to brighten up your day. New titles released at the ejagfest '13 are:

Half Circle: 8biteer - the 8-bit demake of Full Circle Rocketeer

Expressway - a 4-player/2-pads party game based on a Reservoir Gods Falcon game/popular 2600 title many of us enjoy.

Rocks Off! - a puzzle/logic game that's probably not even worth wasting bandwitdh downloading unless you're really, really stuck for something new on your Jaguar ;-)

That is all for now... lots and lots of new stuff coming form us soon... ready yourselves, the next 12 months are going to be the busiest release-wise for us by far :D


Almost time for a new news page, maybe even another site redesign.... see you in 2014... or sooner...?

OCTOBER 5, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Such a long time without an update - sorry! We have managed to work on some Reboot projects from time to time, but as those of you who know us well will understand, these days we just don't get enough time to work on this stuff.

While we have managed to work on (and almost complete) some smaller games for release later this year, for now we have some other goodies for you, especially the non-collector types who might not have purchased recent retail relases:

Full Circle: Rocketeer and Kobayashi Maru: Final are both available for download from this site for your own personal use. There is a small nag screen to endure before you get to the game, but we're not talking any kind of epic list of demands and commandments, nope, just a screen of logos for RGCD, Atari Age, Good Deal Games and Console 5 - all nice places from where you can buy the physical copies.

See the FC:R Promo and KM:F Promo pages for download links.

While we're here, we should also mention the recent winners of the FC:R competition, available to anyone who purchased the game. Outright winner was Masematte, with racerx and janatari close behind. guitari also won the random draw.

We had a huge list of digital game titles for winners to choose from and also cart versions of FC:R for the outright winner and random draw winner, but it turns out Jaguar gamers like their physical games and Jaguar carts, so instead we're providing all 4 winners with a copy of the cart. Once those carts are finilised we'll show them off here and on AtariAge and probably make a short YouTube video as well so everyone else can see what they missed out on!

JUNE 25, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Full Circle: Rocketeer score input page is now live - feel free to add all your scores (yes, as many unique scores as you like) for a chance to win some great prizes!

Remember - the highest placed in the high score chart wins the top prize, a random draw will also pick out a lucky cart + games winner!

Also please note: out of fairness, we should mention now before anyone submits a score: in-game scores will -not- be the only factor that ranks your entries in the chart - the final high score ranking is based on more than just your in-game score!

JUNE 11, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Full Circle: Rocketeer high scores competition - beware - wall of text!

FC:R is Reboot's latest game, released through and currently only available from RGCD in the UK (but it should soon be with one or two of the usual outlets as well). As a part of the launch of this game, Reboot are holding a high scores competition and it's quite a good one as it goes far beyond anything we've offered previously in terms of goodies! Up for grabs are many dollars/pounds/euros worth of games for a number of platforms including windows, linux and mac.

But this is a Jaguar competition, so the main prize is Jaguar-related. First place in the competition will receive a fairly unique item - a cartridge copy of Full Circle: Rocketeer. The game will sport a label based on the original artwork and will save the high score to the built-in EEPROM (and will be pre-programmed with your winning score!) . We're only making a small number of these for those who were involved with the creation of the game, so the chances of ever owning one outside first place in this competition are very slim indeed. Well, that's not entirely true as there is another chance - as with the last competition we ran (Kobayashi Maru: Final), there will be a random draw from all entries for a second copy of the game. The first place score winner will get to choose from the other available games, as will 2nd place and 3rd. The random winner will get the last offer of non-Jaguar game titles to pick from.

Some of you will be lucky enough to already have a copy of FC:R in your possession and those luckier still might have had the time to give it a play. If so, you could already have discovered one or two opportunities for giving yourself a helping hand when aiming for big scores. Solid classic gaming skills and an eye for a good exploit are key to offering a decent score with this game - we discovered and engineered some of these when testing and producing the game and feel they are a vital ingredient here for that retro 80s feel :)

The fun with this competition is this - you'll be able to submit your score (in fact, as many unique scores as you can muster the will to input - you can enter once or 1000 times as long as each code is unique). Unlike previous HSCs, you will not be forwarded to a page displaying the results for all entries - this is a blind entry competition! This was designed to keep things tense and to avoid letting you rest easy if you manage to nail a massive score as you'll never be quite sure that someone hasn't beaten you to first place.

As some copies of the FC:R won't be with their new owners for a few weeks or more, the competition is going to be open until midnight (BST - GMT+1) on September 14th 2013. After this, scores can still be submitted but will not be considered for competition purposes. Once the competition is over we'll announce the winners and let them choose from the vast array of titles available (We're purposefully not listing any specifics right now as the end of the compo is a long time from now and we're sure to have more goodies in the bag by then).

The FC:R high score entry page will shortly be opened on the Reboot website, so keep an eye out there and for forum posts with the news.

One more thing... the cartridge will also contain something else... what that is will remain to be seen :o)

JUNE 09, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Full Circle: Rocketeer... is released! RGCD caught us out with this one, we didn't expect to see it until today at the earliest - great effort on their part!


You want the free game or demo version? Visit AtariAge and view the work-in-progress builds.

JUNE 05, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Skip to 1:55...

JUNE 04, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Check out SCPCD's custom flash cart programmer - has to be seen to be believed ;-)

JUNE 04, 2013Posted by REBOOT



MAY 29, 2013Posted by REBOOT


AtariAge now carries the recent RGCD Reboot and Jagware releases - check it out!

MAY 24, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Now this looks interesting...

MAY 20, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Pssst! Don't tell anyone... but we heard a rumour that Full Circle: Rocketeer is now in the hands of the manufacturers... keep any eye on, it's only a few weeks away now! Once it goes live there, we'll announce the details of the competition and a few clues to the huge amount of prizes we have up for grabs!

As for cartridges... that should only be a matter of time now...

MAY 13, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Our friends at Checkpoint have a Jaguar and skunkboard at their disposal (don't ask who is responsible, just note the image above!) Here's what one month of stroking the big pussy resulted in thanks to lsl:

Download the intro and fire it at your Jaguar for some oldskool rotozoomer action!

MAY 12, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Despite being something we're all quite fond of, we've never looked into making games for the Atari Lynx. Some people think our games would be perfectly suited to the machine - we agree, but it's not likely to happen. But it doesn't stop our friends dropping hints. Luchsenstein 3D is a Wolfenstein 3D engine demo by Obschan and 108stars. So why are we mentioning it here? Well, because there's a very nice little surprise waiting inside the game when you meet the end of demo boss, here's a few screen shots brought together from the cut scene:

There you have it - as the graphic above explains - IT'S ALL REBOOT'S FAULT!!11one

APRIL 18, 2013Posted by REBOOT


We recently bought almost all of the English versions of ReVival Magazine. The past 6 issues all had something or other Reboot inside, so here are a few photos for the IN PRINT section.

APRIL 14, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Here's something new! Our good friend and long-time Jagware independent FrediFredo has been a very busy man. He's long dreamed of taking Brett Hull Hockey for the Jaguar and updating it with current or more modern teams and players. Over some time he's amassed quite an understanding of the game ROM: where assets are stored, player names, stats, etc. After some direct hacking action, he enlisted the help of GGN, supplied him with a list of offsets and what he knew to reside in them and work was started on a tool that would allow easier and more extensive BHH ROM hacking (you may have noticed the tool slipped into the Projects area a little while ago unannounced!).

Well, FF has now completed his work and is very proud to present the result of his and GGN's combined efforts: JHL13. Try it out, enjoy and offer Fredi some feedback at AA, Yaro, Jagware or any other forum you can find him ;-)

APRIL 13, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Lots has been happening, including going down. This has impacted in several ways... a glaring lack of updates here pre- and post-AC2013... the high scores are currently down as the setup is slightly different and they're a little bit broken... we've got a little bit of a backlog of news, but hopefully you've been keeping up to date on the facebook page.

MARCH 03, 2013Posted by REBOOT


High res Atari Females?


Atari Jaguar Hip Hop Video ROM?


Visit AA Tripper thread for the ROM download or see the qUaKe page for the Atari Girlz slideshow software.

FEBRUARY 12, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Lots of tools news to update you with so let's crack on!


If you've been playing with qUaKe, Reboot's 640x480 high colour slideshow ROM creation tool, you might have noticed that it came bundled with the then-current versions of rmac and rln assembler and linker. These tools are the versions of mac/aln that we use to produce our games etc. Shamus397 is the driving force behind the development of the tools, but Linkovitch, SCPCD, GGN and others have contributed - you are free to do the same :-) Visit the rmac/rln page for details on how to get hold of them.


Meanwhile, the hyperactive GGN is back once again with another GFA32 masterpiece for some Jaguar fun times! His latest effort, in cooperation with FrediFredo, is a ROM editor for Brett Hull NHL Hockey. It lets you do all kinds of fun stuff to the game including changing team name, player names, stats and graphics! The BHHEdit page is ready when you are.

FEBRUARY 04, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Compo results time!

The winner of the KM:F High Score Competition is.... Masematte!

The winner of the KM:F Random Draw is... racerx!

Both will be contacted via forum PM so we can send off your prizes - thanks to everyone for participating, more compos and more games soon!

FEBRUARY 03, 2013Posted by REBOOT


New release time! Reboot are proud to present qUaKe for the Atari Jaguar! (Don't get too excited!) Here's a demo ROM for you to flash (will not work 100% in emulators at this time).

FEBRUARY 03, 2013Posted by REBOOT


The KM:F compo is over and the high score table sits at 64 entries - AWESOME!

So who won? Masematte, obviously! Nice one, Arne, it was never in doubt! What about the other prize, the random one? Come back tomorrow and find out, we're busy bringing Jaguar fans yet another Reboot release tonight!

JANUARY 18, 2013Posted by REBOOT


There's a new article in the FEATURES section where we attempt to explain what happens when you buy our games (where does the money go?). You should find it details pretty much what we've done with any money we've made so far and how it has been and how it will continue to be put to good use in the near future.

The article also details how it's possible to put games out in physical form and also give them away for download at the same time, without any harm to potential sales. Four different sales models are covered using our own experiences: budget release, higher quality release, digital download and professional production.

There might also be a hint or two regarding our plans for the immediate future, so check it out!

JANUARY 13, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Kobayashi maru sales continue to do well - it's now our most purchased game!  Thanks once more to RGCD for making this release go so smoothly, the flash cart purchasing fund is looking very healthy now and should soon see another boost with our first release of 2013... but what will that be? A bit of something old and a bit of something new...

But before that, or possibly simultaneously, we're contributing to another project - a collaboration between multiple devs who are planning to use the new Jagtopus carts to release games with, all coming together to say thanks to SCPCD for his hard work designing it and the 4-cart programmer. This project is another RGCD managed CD release and will see all profits go to SCPCD as he continues to develop more exciting Jaguar hardware! Hopefully we'll all be able to help towards patching over that huge hole he burned in his pockets over the past 2 or 3 years :-)

JANUARY 01, 2013Posted by REBOOT


A new year and a new news page. Old news here.